Science & Mathematics


Students from pre-school through 8th grade are prepared to utilize our two full operating science labs to explore the world of scientific inquiry and STEM instruction.  The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) challenge our students to view science as an interrelated world of inquiry and phenomena that engage students to create learning opportunities and demonstrate thinking using the three dimensions of science together.

To learn more about Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) download the fact sheet or visit them online.


Everyday Math

Everyday Mathematics is developed and written by a group of education researchers at the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP). Through the use of manipulatives and small-group work, combined with instruction that builds on children’s experiences and makes connections between

Everyday Mathematics helps teachers bring focus and coherence to their students’ learning, while supporting the development of true, long-term mastery of mathematical topics.

To learn more about the program, please visit: The University of Chicago's Everyday Math 


Glencoe Math Program

Middle school students are challenged through the Glencoe Math program. Math instruction in algebra and geometry is provided to our accelerated students.


Glencoe Math supports student and teacher success through:

  • Core Instruction with Intervention forms a solid foundation and prevents students from falling behind. Core programs are correlated to Number Worlds so teachers can seamlessly support students in need of intervention.

  • Differentiated Instruction accommodates learners of all levels, enables students to understand math on their own terms, and ensures achievement for all.

  • Standards Built Foundation equips students with the required knowledge, skills, and perspective to master state standards and be college and career ready.

  • Print, Digital, and Hybrid Formats deliver personalized and engaging interactions with students, while customizable lesson plans, online assessments, and ready-made lesson presentations support every teaching style.

  • EL Support helps students learn strategies for developing their English language skills and stay on target with math learning.

  • Consistent ConnectED Platform enables seamless learning transition between programs, delivers consistency in classes, and facilitates sharing assignments with students.

To learn more about the program, please visit: Glencoe Math

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